About Us

Ripta Food is a company engaged in the production of Comed brand snack.

Our interest in rich and flavorful Indonesian cuisine, has lead us to create something special and unique. We are committed to incorporate the finest ingredients and recipes with a little bit of twist to make it more defined.

Local Identity

Ripta means “create” which originated from sanskrit language.

Starting from its original meaning, to “create” something, we see the potential as well as business opportunities in the Indonesian local food market, specifically snacks.
We aim to create a product that based on our vision and mission.

Vision, Mission & Values


To introduce, preserve and popularize the culinary heritage of Nusantara snacks.



To create authentic traditional snacks with a modern taste, scene and delivery.

To empower traditional snack craftsmen in the rural areas, so they can uplift their class and values.

To create products that are valuable to our supplier, company and especially to our customers.


R: Respect
I: Innovation
P: Professional
T: Trust
A: Accountability

Ripta Food At A Glance

Our Customers

We supply many modern markets, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and other food companies in Indonesia.


Our Employees

The success of Ripta Food is the result of our employees’ hard work. They will continue to be the most valuable asset for the company. In the future, the success of Ripta Food will be determined by our ability to recruit, train and develop the best employees. We are ready to serve and work professionally to produce quality products.

Key Process

Quality and efficiency are key to our corporate processes, supported by careful planning and proper execution to enable our company to grow. The process is also inseparable from the good relationship between internal companies with suppliers and customers.


Who are the management team behind Ripta Food?

Board of Commissioners

Dhanu Wisnumurti Yogo SW
President Commissioner

He earned an MBA degree from Prasetiya Mulya University. Previously, he spent his career in BNI as Assistant Manager of Budgeting and Financial Control, Assistant Manager Partnership Program, CSR Development & Monitoring Manager, and most recently as Corporate Sponsorship & Partnership Manager. At this time, he is the President Commissioner of PT. Ripta Food Indonesia.

Board of Directors